diumenge, 7 d’agost de 2016


# Italeri Horch Kfz15, 
# Plusmodel conversion 
# DEF MODELS resin wheels

Plusmodel conversion Horch 901

 Acrílicos Vallejo panzergrey primmer

First base with AMMO dunkelgrau base 908 and first layer with AMMO DunkelgraU LIGHT BASE 909 with satin varnish 

Shines with AMMO 909 dunkelgrau light base with AMMO satin varnish (50/50), diluted with thinner (40/60).

Shines with AMMO 909 dunkelgrau light base with AMMO satin varnish (50/50), diluted with thinner (40/60).
Adding more contrast

Painting wheels:

1) tire base: AK 720 rubber tire

2) light wash with AK015 -dust effects- and AK074 -rainmarks for NATO tanks-. 

3) pigments: A.MIG 3011 airfield dust, vallejo73104 light sienna

License plates.-

I used Archer transfers (AR35047) to make the plates. 

I used wet medium paper (AR22001) to convert the dry transfer to water slide decal. After put on wet paper the white plate, and airbrushed a thin layer of satin varnish, I've tried to make the license number with the separateds numbers. It's a difficult and hard work, not indicated for novels modellers, and not very successful. 

Transfer the plate it's so easy, but with the numbers we must do a lot of pressure and the numbers are so tight.

I've changed the Guderian G for another one.
Nazi flag from Archer transfers on lead foil.

    When put the driver...                                  

M1151 (in progress)

M1151 (in progress)

 # ACADEMY M1151 kit
# LIVE RESIN LRE-35229. USMC MCTAGS turret with Ibis Tek sun and rain cover
# DEF.MODEL. HNNWV MT wheel set-sagged
# LEGEND. Humvee Tow Bar & IBIS Tek Bumper. LF1195
# PLUSMODEL PET bottles.
# ProArt models accesories. 
# FCMODELTIPS accesories.
# ARCHER Fine Transfers. Humvee instrument amd placards

Tow bar paint not finished. Black with grey filter

Waiting the MRE rations...

Interior Green: AMIG 084 (10) + AMIG 935 (5) + Thinner (15 parts)

External paint: AK122 (10) + Satin varnish (10) + thinner (10)

Paint cover: base AK 122 + AK 726